Liquid air energy storage

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Liquid air energy storage

Liquid air energy storage! Doesn’t that sound different? Before getting to know about liquid energy storage, lets us understand about liquid air initially.

What is Liquid air?

Air is only felt and can’t be seen  but what is liquid air? As the name suggests “Liquid air” is - Air in the form of liquid.

Let me make it clear to you all. When any gaseous state elements are cooled or compelled to come under its boiling point , then these gaseous elements turns into liquid form. For example, when the water is heated above its boiling point of 100 degree celsius, then it undergoes the process of evaporation, thus forming into gas particles. Similarly when the same gas is cooled or allowed to reach below its boiling point then it gets converted into water again.

How is air converted into liquid?

But this process of converting the air into liquid doesn’t happen naturally. It is done industrially by artificial means. This process of industrially converting gas (air) into liquid is termed as cryogenic process , which means “low temperature”process.

In this process, the different kinds of elements are separated from each other and each of the particle is cooled down separately to attain its liquid state from gaseous state.

Liquid air energy storage and how is it done.

Liquid energy storage also called as or known as cryogenic energy storage is the process of storing the energy of the liquid air present in it. This Cryogenic Energy storage is abbreviated as CES.

The energy in the liquid air stored is equal to that of the energy available in the lithium-ion batteries and nickel metal hydride batteries which are now being used in the cars to run efficiently. Researches say that the liquid air energy could be used more efficiently than that of the other energies available especially for making the car to run.

Liquid air energy storage and how is it done.

In Liquid air energy storage the help of Liquid air energy storage system is needed. In this system, we initially,

  1. Separate the water vapour and the carbon dioxide( co2)  to obtain higher concentrated nitrogen.

  2. Now this nitrogen is stored in form liquid and whenever we need to get energy from it, the nitrogen is allowed to turn into gas (technically called as expanding ).

  3. Nitrogen has a great expansion capacity. It can expand 700 times than that of the liquid state.

  4. At first, the nitrogen after separated from other elements, it is allowed to enter into the chill vacuum by compressing it.

Liquid air energy storage

  1. Compression is done with electricity flowing in peak.

  2. This compressed liquid is stored and when the electricity demand occurs it is heated above its boiling point and then expanded to form into gas thus providing the electricity when required.  

  3. So in this simple method, liquid air energy storage is done and used efficiently.

With this help of Liquid air energy storage can be used in cars and any items that requires energy can be used in a cost effective way.

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