Natural Air energy

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Natural Air energy

Natural air energy, as the name indicates it i the energy retrieved from the naturally obtainable air, that is present in the atmosphere. The air is the composition of many components such as Nitrogen ( the major component ) which accounts 78% of the air composition, whereas oxygen and few other noble gases such as argon , helium constitutes to the remaining portion of the composition.

Air with all its constituents is very powerful in producing the energy naturally and also in a cost effective method. Many parts of the world get electrified with the help of the air energy. Air energy is a renewable source of energy because , the natural air is available in a large amount and can be obtained from the nature continuously without any scarcity in obtaining it unlike water sources. Since Air energy is the easiest form of energy available it is widely used for many purposes especially for generating electricity in many countries in the world.

Natural Air energy

Natural air energy is converted into usable form of energy by humans with the help of the specially designed machines called wind mills. Though many machineries are available in the market the windmill is considered as effective for its one  time investment and profit earned by the sectors which use it or own it.

Where are these windmills set up?

Windmills can be set up in any place but to have a effective output , the place which we choose to set up the windmill must be exposed to air . For eg: hilly regions are best to choose because the air blows with maximum velocity and so the energy generated also would be higher comparably with other regions. so, higher the velocity of wind, more the electricity produced.

How do they work?

When the wind mills are set up, the main part of it is “The blades”. Many kinds of windmills have been set up with various number of blades but the one with three blades is considered to be effective that the one with two or one blade. Next come the direction of the windmill that is rotating.

Either clockwise or anticlockwise. For this, initially the experts find the direction of the wind  in which it blows, with the help of the machine and finally the hub , that is the point which decides the direction of rotation of blades are adjusted with respect to it and are allowed to perform the process of obtaining energy from the air. These blades are connected to the gearbox and then are converted into electrical energy ( Conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy takes place here)

Two kinds of speed:

Fixed and Variable speed. When the blades rotate and energy conversion takes place at gearbox, it depends on the kind of generator used in it. If its of fixed speed, then whatever be the speed of the wind (less or high), it generates equal energy. But in variable speed the electricity is generated with respect to the wind speed.

The electrical energy produced from Natural air is “Green electrical energy

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