Wave Energy

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Wave energy

We have many kinds of energy and all these forms of energy is useful in one or the other way but the main motto of any of the energy form would be producing cost effectively energy and  also efficiently. When obtaining energy from the nature and available resources the obtaining of energy process becomes simpler and also does not create any pollution as much as the artificial forms of energy does by emitting hazardous gas.

So, to maintain our environment clean and also to make a good future to our forth coming generations, we need to protect our earth from all damages that is caused to it by human . Also, another question occurs why to make the environment clean? It is because we, humans, and other living organisms can lead  a happy life on the earth only if we have  a balanced ecosystem. When the environment is getting polluted, we can’t have the balanced ecosystem and so we are hurting the earth in a bad way.

What is wave energy?

wave energy is nothing but the the energy that is produced with the help of the waves that occurs . The speed of the waves and the energy produced is directly proportional. When the speed of waves increase, the energy produced would be more and when the speed of the wave is less, the energy produced would be very less. This is typically because the energy of wave is calculated with the help of the height of the waves also. When there is more speed the waves would rise up, with more energy and thus producing great energy.

What form of energy is wave energy?

Wave energy is the renewable source of energy and also can be classified under the clean energy group.

It is the renewable source of energy because, the waves are created by the wind in the air, and so, they are formed continuously without any intervention and also does not need any human support to create the waves. These renewable forms of energies are very helpful for the energy formation and also do not cause any harm to the environment.

They are also classified as clean energy groups. Where as unclean energy groups would create harm to the environment by emitting hazardous gas elements and also affects the balanced life system.

Other types of Wave energy