In this wide spread world, where Wave energy and tidal energy. Yes, that always makes  a confusion. to understand what is a tidal energy and wave energy, initially we need to know what is a wave and tide first of all. And later we will analyse, how to differentiate one from the other. So now we need to understand what is wave and what is a tide.



A wave is formed with the help of the combination of water and air molecules. Air is everywhere in this atmosphere and when the water molecules in the ocean touches with the air molecules in the atmosphere they create a friction and thus forming the waves. The waves are greater when the wind blows highly. So, when the wind blows with great speed, it means we can generate a lot of energy fromt hat place or fromt hat atmosphere where the ocean is located.



What is tide?

While waves are caused because of the wind that is present outside the ocean that is on the surface of the ocean, the tides are produced because of the underground earthquakes or any volcanic eruptions. They are caused because of the disturbance that occurs because of the plates underneath the earth moves or due to the high pressure that is developed under the soil or under the earth .

while the waves create the positive impact on the society, these tides may cause harm to the public and any other thing or being if its exposed in a larger way. The tsunami is one of the example of the larger tides that is produced. So, its better we don't compel the environment to produce the tides. How can we stop it? It can be stopped by making the earth as eco friendly and we shouldn’t make the earth to get hot more. If there is no underground water and if we dig the earth very deep inside this gives way for the earth quakes and thus it causes destruction. Now, how about volcanic eruptions? There are few volcanoes that are produced by nature itself but few happens to form because of humans. This is due to the global warming and the heat level  that the earth has attained .


Wave energy

Wave energy is nothing but the energy that is obtained from the waves and it is transferred to electrical energy with the help of the conversion unit. The conversion unit has the mechanism to convert this waves into wave energy.


Tidal energy

Tidal energy is the energy obtained from the tides produced.  Tidal energy is obtained from the tides that are produced from the underground vibrations or the high pressure formed underground. Tides caused in the ocean is sometimes dangerous but the waves are not so.

So , that is all about wave energy and tidal energy.
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