So, now you have understood about the wave energy and ocean wave energy, it’s time to understand about the convertors also. Because convertors are the one which are helpful in converting these wave energy into the consumable form of energy. For any energy we use now, the convertors are energy helpful and also a required option for using the energy in the form we desire.

Now, let’s see an example of the conversion of analog waves into digital waves and also vice versa. So that you all will have a clear view on these convertors and also it will be helpful to you all for understanding the basic concepts of convertor and how it is done. We all are uses to the electrical appliances which we use now in our home and the widely used electronic appliance by children is computers. In computers, as we all know, the information transformed in form of bits. So, each data is represented in form bits only. Now, during this data transformation there are two types of waves. Analog wave and digital wave. In analog wave they will be having the wave form while in digital wave, they will be represented as 0 and 1. In analog many values are possible and in digital wave only two values are possible. These values either represent on or off. 0 represents the off value and the 1 value represents on value. At different places, different waves are used and so, there came the existence of converters. For the conversion of analog into digital waves the ADC is used

What is ADC?

ADC means Analog to Digital Convertor. The Analog to digital converter changes the wave type by changing the characteristics of the analog wave unto the characteristics of the digital wave.


What is DAC?

DAC means Digital to Analog Convertor. The Digital waves are converted into analog waves with this device. These devices are connected at the place where the conversion needs to take place. So, now I hope you all would have understood what convertors are.

Similarly to convert the wave energy into consumable energy, the wave energy converters are used. The wave energy is obtained from the surface of the ocean also from the bottom of the waves also. Whether it is a wave or tidal energy these converters are needed for converting their energy forms.


How these wave energy converters works?

The wave energy converters are initially fixed in the place or position where the energy or at which stage the energy has to be converted. When the waves are formed with greater intensity, more energy is produced. At that time, these wave energy converters are used to convert the energy form the wave into the electrical energy or mechanical energy, whichever form of energy we want. There are few types of converters like Anaconda wave energy converter and pelamis wave energy converter, which varies in efficiency but the work done is same.  Thus the wave energy thus obtained is transformed into the required form of energy and can be saved and used when needed.

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