New Wave Energy

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New Wave Energy

Well, Wave energy and new wave energy. That doesn’t have any major differences. Wave energy refers to the energy that is produced in the ocean while the new wave energy refers to the waves that are produced from the very start of the wave formation. there are two types of waves produced. One produced at the surface level and other is in the deep ocean. The one produced in the bottom of the waves initiate these waves and they are the source for the new wave energy.

New Wave Energy

The wave energy is produced from the entire waves but new wave energy is produced from the start of the wave. The wave energy is produced by the friction that is occurring between the air molecules and the water molecules.

At present, in our world the population is increasing day by day and the depletion of the natural resources also occurs day by day. As the number of people increases, the resources also get depleted. so, now the sources of non renewable energies are getting lessen. At present, the fossil, fuels and cola is used as the source of energy but these will not be available with in few years or a decade. So, what are we going to do now? What are we going to present our future generation? An empty earth where the living becomes tough? Are we going to make this beautiful earth fit for nothing place to live .Its time to realise that we need to save our earth and the atmosphere we live in for an eco friendly environment so that we would lead a happy life ever.

What’s the alternative to New Wave Energy

So, we need to find an alternative for the generation of  energy, which is also renewable. Thus came these clean energy groups . These clean energy groups does not affect our society or do any harm to the environment surrounding it. These renewable energies do not create any global warming or ozone layer depletion , which impose major threats to the society. So for the betterment of the society we need to use the alternatives like new wave energy . Bu to implement this new wave energy, it is costlier compared to other renewable energy resources. Also, there is no special advantage seen in this new wave energy method.

What’s the alternative to New Wave Energy (Cont)

Since it is costlier compared to other energy sources, mostly this method has been not adopted in many countries, while still few of them try to find new things from this new wave energy and also invest money on this. Many billion dollars have been invested on this project with a hoe to invent something new and innovative.

Thus, the new wave energy has been discussed and also its importance and also the negative points have also been discussed.

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