Wave Energy Pros and Cons

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Wave Energy Pros and Cons

Wave Energy Pros

Waves all available all throughout a day and through the year. Hence there is a consistent power generation that is available from the wave energy generation plants.

Wave energy is the most pollution free renewable energy. There is no emission of pollutants or greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that makes it a greener energy for the future.

Wave Energy Pros

The generation plants for producing wave energy have the lowest operating and maintenance costs among all the renewable energy power generation methods. The total cost involves only the installation cost and a relatively lesser amount of maintenance costs.

It is a purely renewable energy production method as t does not involve even a little amount of other energy resources in the power generation method

It is most effective in operation since waves are available all throughout the year and the converters operate mostly at optimum levels no matter how the direction of the waves are.

Wave Energy Pros

During high tide times mostly damage to the coastlines happen due to the high kinetic energy of the waves. Since in wave energy power generation all the kinetic energy is absorbed and converted into electrical energy the damage that is done to the shoreline are reduced by a significant level.

The wave energy has the greatest power density amongst the various renewable energy resources.

There is an option of variable sizes of the wave energy plants based on the location and the intensity of the sea waves present in that particular location.

Wave Energy Cons

Frequent breakdowns may happen in the devices because it involves the strong ocean currents and salt water corrosion. So it should be taken care that the durability of the machines is good during the installation period itself.

The placing and operation of these devices in the ocean may affect the sea life habitat and disrupt the harmony.

The time taken for achieving breakeven would be higher because of the higher initial costs that would be incurred for the purchase and installation of the instruments.

Wave Energy Cons

As of now there are only a few wave energy farms installed around the world when compared to the solar and wind farms questions the viability of this technology.

The usage of the ocean surfaces for this purpose will reduce using it for various other conventional purposes like recreation, fishing and travel etc.

The conversion involves physical motion of the instruments. The noise produced by these devices namely the attenuators and the pistons are supposedly greater than the sound of the waves itself thereby causing noise pollution.

Wave Energy Cons

The efforts made in the Research and Development of this area is relatively lesser leading to a slower improvement of technology being used.

The transmission of the electricity produced in the middle of the ocean has always been a problem in this method

Wave energy plants can only be installed in locations where there is sufficient wave intensity and not in all locations.

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