Ocean Wave Energy

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Ocean Wave Energy

We all love to be at beach during hot sunny days and yes! Of course, the breeze from those oceans makes our day special . But have you ever thought that the ocean could generate energy that the entire world could use of and get benefited without depending on any other type of resources on which we are dependent now.

The resources which we now use are completely human made resources like fossil fuels and it takes a lot of time regain these fossils or fuels and convert into energy again. In countries like India, due to the lack of energy, there are many electricity problems which affects the infrastructure of the country and pushes its  infrastructure model to the last ranking numbers.

Ocean Wave Energy

Since there is no electricity, the industries get affected and so, the manufacturing power of the particular country is decreased and affected in  a large level. so, for any country like India and other nations who face shortage in energy resources, ocean wave energy is a gift., presented by the nature and it must be used carefully at the right time, right place with right combination of technology. Ocean energy can be effective only if the conditions required for its generation are good .

What is ocean wave energy

The waves in ocean, generates the electricity and thus it is called ocean wave energy. Because you got to know and understand what is and how is this wave energy produced. Fine, now let me explain you that.

Basically, there are two types of ocean wave energy. They are,

  • Thermal ocean wave energy and

  • Mechanical ocean wave energy.

There are lot of difference between these two types.

Thermal wave energy from ocean

This thermal energy is obtained from the sun but remember it is not a direct process. There are two layers in the ocean waves. ne is top layer or surface layer. The other one is  bottom layer. On the top layer of the waves, the surface gets heated up and then the ocean surface waves transfer this surface energy to the consumable form of energy. This is called as  thermal energy from ocean waves.

Mechanical energy from ocean

The mechanical energy is also obtained from the ocean but  from the waves or tides that are produced and not from the sun. This energy do not require any solar energy but needs wind. The waves are produced from the air molecules and water molecules friction. When this friction occurs, the waves occur.

Ocean Wave Energy

The other form is the tides, which is inturn produced by the earthquakes under the earth or due to the increased pressure in the earth. These causes severe damages at times like the one which is named as “Tsunami”. So, its better to have waves than the tides. Thus the different kinds of ocean wave energy and their uses are explained.

Other types of Wave energy