Wave Energy Facts

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Wave Energy Facts

“Different types of energy and their source with examples”

Wave Energy Facts 1

Wave energy can be considered as one of the form of wind energy because the waves in the ocean are produced only through the air currents that hit the ocean or seawater. And in turn the wind is produced because of the Sun’s radiations heating the atmosphere.

Wave Energy Facts 2

Among the various forms of energy wave energy is the most pure form of renewable energy till date. This is because electricity is produced from the wave energy with the least amount of pollution done to the environment.

Wave Energy Facts 3

Girard and his sons patented the first patent for wave energy technology during 1799 in France.

Wave Energy Facts 4

The wave energy can be basically converted at three different places in the ocean namely offshore, far offshore and nearshore.

Wave Energy Facts 5

The energy from the sea can be captured in two different waves. One is from the surface of the sea using the kinetic energy of the waves and the other is from inside the ocean from the pressure of the ocean water.

Wave Energy Facts 6

Certain oceans of the world are more suitable for wave energy generation than some others in the world.

Wave Energy Facts 7

The wave energy potential of a country or a continent is basically measured in terms of Kilowatts produced per meter of the coastline of that particular country or continent respectively.

Wave Energy Facts 8

The coastline of United States is capable of producing about 252 billion KWh per year.

Wave Energy Facts 9

The wave energy generation plants can produce more amount of energy with a lesser installation because of the fact that the seawater is 850 times denser than the density of air at the same level.

Wave Energy Facts 10

The energy density of the waves is the highest among the various renewable energy resources.

Wave Energy Facts 11

Portugal was the country which established a wave farm for the generation of wave energy in the world.

Wave Energy Facts 12

Portugal is also the owner of the largest wave farm in the world comprising of three wave energy converters producing an annual energy output of 2.25 MW.

Wave Energy Facts 13

An announcement for the largest wind energy generation project was made in July 2012, which would produce 19MW per year and is to be established in the coasts of Victoria, Australia.

Wave Energy Facts 14

The average cost of producing wave energy can be roughly estimated to about 4 cents per KWh.

Wave Energy Facts 15

Scotland uses the latest technology and design equipment in wave energy generation till date.

Wave Energy Facts 16

Scotland contributes 10 % to the total wave energy produced by the European continent thus proving to be a center for Research & Development.

Wave Energy Facts 17

The wave energy generation plants have a low maintenance and operating costs which makes it more advantageous amongst the renewable sources of energy.

Wave Energy Facts 18

The Orkney Islands of Scotland prove to be one of the main locations in the world for wave energy power production.

Wave Energy Facts 19

The technology that is used for the conversion of the wave energy into electrical energy is called as the Wave Dragon.

Wave Energy Facts 20

The most commonly used converter in this technology is called as Oyster.

Wave Energy Facts 21

In the world there are about 100 companies that deal with wave energy production and related activities.

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