Wave energy, one of the most easily available renewable source of energy, is estimated by the scientists that that if the energy is obtained from the half the portion of the ocean energy is enough to meet the requirements of the present world. But we, humans instead of using these renewable sources, we spend our time and money in producing the artificial forms of energy and also spoil the lives  surrounding it, through few energy types like nuclear energy. The radiations produced from these artificial energies are harmful and also affects the future generations.


Wave Energy History

So, now I would like to say you, when this world was busy in producing the artificial energies, how the humans were able to develop the renewable source of energy using the waves. At first, the wave energy was started implementing in late 1790 in the France. So we could tell that the wave energy was founded by France. Later knowing its efficiency, people in UK started lighting their homes with the help of the energy generated by the Wave energy. This method was adopted by many and UK became the first place to adopt this method widely and efficiently.



Wave Energy History

Then, in this modern world implementing this wave energy got tougher, until there came a oil crisis in the year 1976. Many people started searching for the alternative for oil. Many researches were conducted. Many people drew their ideas practically but everybody couldn’t succeed except one. That special person who gave a successful way of implementing this wave energy is, Stephen Salter. His profession was teaching the high school students.  


Wave Energy History

The machine developed for converting the energy of wave into consumable form was named as Salter’s duck or nodding duck. But later on, it was named with the University name in which Stephen was working and so it got the name as Edinburgh duck. It has been scientifically approved that the machine developed by Stephen is capable of producing electricity with more than 80 percent efficiency.


Why is wave energy consuming reduced at present?

As days passed, the oil crisis reduced and so, the people and researchers also stopped funding to the projects on the wave energy. The wave energy implementation was then diminished but not destroyed totally. Still in many countries like Japan, France and UK this wave energy implementation is on progress but not mark able.


Why is wave energy consuming reduced at present? (Cont)

As there is a popular statement, inventors are always remembered for their inventions, we need to innovate the ideas and present them to the world to lead a easier life. But, taking into concern about the eco balanced life, we need to make sure that inventions do not disturb the ecological life of the living things live around.

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