Wave Energy for Kids

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Wave Energy for Kids

Hey kids! Wondering what is wave energy for kids? I will now explain very clearly that you all would be able to understand it easily and also have a detailed knowledge on the basic things like how the wave energy is first produced and why it is produced. Later on, we will also discuss about the size of these waves produced and ways of creating waves artificially. Initially , i would like to explain how the wave energy is produced and how it can be used?

Wave energy is nothing but the energy that is producing from the waves that are created with the help of the wind naturally. But, wondering how these wave are produced? What’s the relation between the wind and waves? How does this moving wind will be a cause for generation of such high waves? Confused with all these questions? Let me explain you all your doubts and make you clear with all these things kids.

How waves are produced?

Waves are produced with the process of friction. Waves are produced with the combination of the water molecules and the air molecules. The air molecules are always present in the environment and when they get in touch with the water molecules that are present in the water in the ocean these waves are formed in the ocean.  also these friction of molecules forms the irregular pattern of water flowing and so called as waves. So, flow of water and the waves are not same and different.

The major factor of the formation of the wave is thus the wind. So, more the wind blows, more the wave is produced. so, the next time you move out for summer to the beach side and if , waves sings a lullaby for you, you got to be thankful for the wind. Doesn’t the wind deserve your applause for presenting us these beautiful waves?

How to form the waves on our own ?

This will require water, plate, straw and you.

First take the water and pour it in the plate.

Now, you have to take the straw and blow the water gently. You would get the formation of waves. The waves will be followed with your blowing movement. So this explains you how the water and air molecules involved in the friction process for the formation of the waves.

What is a breaker?

Now, you have to know what is the breaker. When the waves are formed there are two parts in it. The one part is bottom layer and other is surface layer. always the surface layer is very strong than the one that is formed under the ocean that is the bottom layer. And now, when the wave is about to reach the shore these upper part waves tend to tilt and this is called as breaker. the bottom layer gets stronger now, compared to the surface and now it drags the ocean to the shore with the possible speed.

So, i hope you all would have understood the important things about wave energy.

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