The green wave energy is nothing but the waves that are generated from the ocean and energy from these waves are converted into electrical energy with the help of the wave energy converter to generate the electricity.

Now, in the present world, the surface area covered by the ocean is more compared to that of the earth landscape. So, generating the electricity with the help of the waves will be an efficient process.


Why is it called the green wave energy?

Green, the colour indicates the natural colour of the earth. That is, the plants, trees, and the earth atmosphere is greenish in nature. So, when the energy is generated from the naturally occurring waves in the ocean, it is called as green wave energy.



How is it advantageous comparing to other energy productions?

Wave energy is the energy obtained from the mother ocean, and the surface area of water is more compared to that of the earth. So, the waves generated are more and also parallely, the energy obtained would be higher than other few energy production lie nuclear energy, thermal energy.

When the green wave energy will generate a high output?

Green wave energy output is directly proportional to the wave generated. Particularly if the waves are generated at a high level or large size then the energy production will be also high For a better wave production the climate in that particular area also plays a main role. The green wave energy is very sensible to the climate in which it is produced. With the high wind, we could get a high energy from these green waves because the waves will be produced in a large amount.

How these green waves are produced?

Not just green waves , but any other waves in the ocean are produced because of the wind that is blowing over the sea. The wind energy, causes the waves that is occurring in the ocean. And so, if the wind blows with a high speed, then the wind causes a large wave, which in turn produces the energy and this energy is subsequently converted into the electrical energy and is used by the human.

How these green waves are produced? (Cont)

In this wide world, now there is a shortage of energy and we search for fuels and fossils all wound, leaving all these natural energy sources behind. The natural energy sources are all mostly of one time investment and and they also serve longer providing the value for the money invested

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