Oil Energy Uses

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Oil Energy Uses

Oil is mainly used as an automobile fuel. It is because it produces the best output when compared to other alternatives. The oil by-products which are used in vehicles are known as petrol and diesel.

Petrol: It is also known as gasoline. It is a transparent liquid. It is used in petrol engines. These engines are mainly internal combustible engines (IC engines). IC engines are engines in which the combustion of the fuel takes place in the combustion chamber, present inside the engine, in the presence of an oxidizer.   

Diesel: Diesel is also a liquid fuel mainly used in diesel engines. The word “diesel” is derived from the family name of German inventor Rudolf Diesel who in 1892 invented the compression-ignition engine. Diesel is produced from the crude oil by the method of fractional distillation at the temperature of 200oc and 350oc at atmospheric pressure.

Oil for generating electricity

Even though many countries use coal, nuclear power plant to generate electricity, some countries use oil to produce electricity. The oil is burnt to produce a lot of heat for producing steam, which is used to run turbines which in turn produces electricity. By burning the oil we convert the chemical energy present in the oil into electrical energy for houses and factories. Due to the economical factor only 1% of the crude oil is used to generate electricity in U.S.A

Crude oil for other industrial products

Crude oil is used in many industrial products like in detergents, in fertilizers, paints, plastics, petroleum products, medicines and in the formation of synthetic rubber. In 2010, about 191 million barrels of LPG and NGL were used in the United States to make plastic products in the plastic materials. Making plastic materials requires a lot of energy, which is mostly obtained from the oil energy. Out of the total oil produced in the world, 4% is used for generating the electricity needed for producing the plastic

Similarly oil is used in many industries to produce various products.Crude oil in the raw form is not very much useful. But when it undergoes fractional distillation, various by-products are really helpful in various fields

Other types of Oil Energy