Advantages of water energy

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Advantages of Water Energy

“Below are 10 Advantages of water energy”

Advantages of water energy

Water is the elixir of life without water the earth cannot exist. Every human being needs water to do each and every day to day activity. Water is useful to all as it is and also it is nourishing the human life with the energy it has by generating electricity. Directly or indirectly water is used in many ways. The potential energy from water is converted into mechanical energy and the mechanical energy is in turn converted into electrical energy and this is being distributed to different locations to meet out their different power needs.

Electricity is produced from water in many different ways. But the major method is by constructing dams and building power stations with turbines and generators to control the flow of water. The power generated from water is called as “HYDRO POWER”. In most of the countries hydropower is the main source of electricity because of many factors including cost of production.

Advantages of water energy

Some of the benefits living beings get from water energy are as follows.

The electricity that is generated from water energy is being used to light so many lives. The power generated does not emit any green house gases and does not pollute the air like other power plants that are fueled by water. Water is a renewable source of power as it is driven by sun.

The plants that are constructed to produce electricity from water also act as a reservoir of water, which can be used for fishing, swimming, irrigation and so control the flow of water during flood.

Let’s check the benefits in detail. Ten advantages of water energy

Advantages of water energy

1. Predictable Renewable resource:

Water can be used again and again and it is naturally available from rainfall, earth. Water does not completely deplete. It can be predicted by weather forecast. Electricity is produced from water without actually consuming the quantity of it.

Advantages of water energy

2. Constant energy source:

The electricity generated from water so the hydroelectric power plants don’t rely on the fossil fuels whose price keeps on increasing in today’s market. Once the plant is constructed the production can be done 24/7 if the water source does not dry throughout the year or can be stored in the reservoir.

Advantages of water energy

3. Water in the reservoirs:

The water stored in dam can be used flexibly to meet out the varying electricity demands. The water is also used for public issues like swimming, fishing, irrigation, drinking water, boating. They protect the water cycle against depletion. They store the excess water during floods and also collect the rainwater for the future use.

Advantages of water energy

4. Flexibility in Production:

The power generation can be varied to meet out the demands. The flow of the water can be in controlled; the faster the water flows the power generation comparably increases.

Advantages of water energy

5. Pollutants free:

Hydroelectric power plant does not emit any toxic carbon dioxide or any poisonous byproducts as it does not involve in burning of coal or any other fuels. Thus this power generated from water keeps our environment clean and gives people a clean air to breath unlike nuclear power plant which infects both human and aquatic life.

Advantages of water energy

6. NO Green house gas emission:

The power plants emit only a very less amount of toxic greenhouse gases when compared to other power plants that are driven by coal, gas or oil. Hydroelectric power plants prevents the almost a large amount of GHG emission which is equal to the burning of 4.4 million barrels of petroleum per day all over the world.

Advantages of water energy

7. Saves nature:

The hydro electric plants do not involve the burning of fossil fuels or fuels. The balance in the ecosystem remains undisturbed. It also saves the water for the public usage.

Advantages of water energy

8. Economical:

The water is the only source in the power generation. It does not depend on any other fuels whose cost keeps on increasing in the market. No other imported materials are needed once the plant is set up the cost production is very low when compared to other power plants.

Advantages of water energy

9. Lifetime:

The hydroelectric power plants are constructed with an average life span of about 50-100 years. They are a long term investments and can benefit many generations. Incorporation of modern techniques is also possible and remains low cost of production as the primary source is water.

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