Blue Water Energy

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Blue Water Energy

Blue Water Energy:

Blue water energy is aimed at providing focused technical services to the industrial and the energy market right from the concept to the long term operation. Blue water energy provides strategic solutions by understanding the business to compete in the market.

Blue water energy was developed by a group of energy professionals. The high quality standards and broad domestic and international exposure and experience of the blue water services stands as a main criteria in providing a wide spectrum of services to the global industry.

Blue water energy participates from the stage of development. The construction, start-up, long term operations and maintenance are also taken complete care by the company.

Blue Water Energy

Safety first:

Safety in the energy and industrial market place is the prior importance. The unique and complex risk in the workplace is always kept under proper surveillance and control through daily interactions and advancement in the safety measures. Accomplishing good, sound, industrial safety in the workplace is their commitment.

Blue Water Energy

Startup and commissioning:

Blue water energy provides with complete startup and commissioning services. The main goal of the energy services is to support seamlessly the efforts of the project with well knowledge team and experienced labor. Bluewater energy solutions is prepared to meet needs like as follows  

  • Complete Turnkey Or Itemized Scope
  • Startup And Commissioning Plan
  • Commissioning Standards
  • System Boundary Scoping
  • Startup And Commissioning Schedule
  • System Turnover Packages
  • Personnel
  • Test Equipment
  • Operator Training
  • Commissioning And Operating Procedures
  • Project Or Facility Specific Procedures And Manuals
  • Project Specific And Detailed Operator Training Programs

Blue Water Energy

Operation stage:

The commissioning of the project is followed by the operation and maintenance support by the blue water services. A well managed support is provided by the team for the successful execution if the plant. Energy services provides with additional administrative, managerial and operational team to understand and make the project objectives as successful endeavors. The services offered are

  • Full O&M Support
  • Operations Manpower Services
  • Corporate Plant Management
  • Safety And Environmental Services
  • Flexible Contract Structure

Blue Water Energy

Consulting services:

Blue water services also helps in choosing the right professional for the correct designation. Once the company need is made visible the energy services team cross checks with number of resumes and suggest the exact profession who fits in the desired category.

Blue Water Energy

Services offered:

Blue water energy provides services in many areas. The services that they offer in each sector are as follows.

Blue Water Energy

Industrial cleaning services:

High velocity lube and fuel oil flushing, NFPA 56 compliant gas line air blows, degrease and chemical cleaning, hydro-lazing, hydrostatic testing, continuous and pulse steam blows.

Blue Water Energy

Management services:

Blue water services also provide assistance in project management or owner’s representation. The experience with utilities, large EPc’s and independent owners provides the team with the crucial communication necessary to achieve a job well done. Management services which the company offers are

  • Technical project assessments
  • Facility and equipment audits
  • Operations evaluations
  • Proven experience

Blue Water Energy

Engineering services:

Blue water automation provides with focused project management and value added engineering services. It provides for the control system and field instrumentation to the energy and the engineering market place. The services offered are aimed at providing a improved reliability and performance. The services offered include

  • Project planning & design
  • Loop and control tuning
  • I&c techs and engineers
  • Product & systems migration strategies for evolution
  • Predictive maintenance programs
  • Fieldbus consulting
  • Asset optimization
  • Dcs startup engineers
  • Equipment assessment
  • Asset management
  • Project specification

Blue Water Energy

Original Equipment manufacturer service engineers:

Blue water services provide manpower to the OEM services. Based on the duration and location the energy services provides with the services effectively. The provide man power to carry on services like

  • Installation, commissioning and startup
  • Product system upgrades
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Product configuration
  • Customer training
  • Product warranty programs
  • Publication development, maintenance and management
  • Proven experience

Blue Water Energy

Safety measures

Blue water energy has a perfect safety measure plant. The achievement of the same is through the following ways

  • They maintain a highly experienced and focused corporate safety department reporting only to the officials at the top executive level.
  • Their safety program also includes comprehensive, hazard specific training by professionals by interacting with each and every employee.
  • The employees are allowed to access the online training materials to enhance their knowledge simply by visiting the web site.

  • Frequent announcements will be made to visit the worksite so that they conduct first hand inspections and asses site conditions.
  • Disciplinary measures are strictly followed to achieve the high quality safety conditions in the workplace.

Thus many services are provided by the blue water services company in the energy industry.

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