Advantages natural gas energy

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Advantages natural gas energy

Natural gas is clean

It can be called as a clean fuel because it produces less carbon dioxide than other combustible fuel. In fact, it produces 45 % less carbon dioxide than coal.

Natural gas is abundant

We can say that the reservoirs from which the natural gas are extracted are underutilized. Many discoveries of new resources are found containing shale and coal. Which means that we can produce natural gas for another 100 years.

Advantages natural gas energy

Natural gas is efficient

Natural gas produces good outputs comparing with other energy sources. The fact that it produces less by-products makes it more efficient.

Natural gas is comparatively environment friendly

We can’t say completely that natural gas energy is environment friendly. But when compared to other non-renewable energy sources like petroleum and coal, it is environment friendly. This is because it produces less carbon dioxide than the other energy sources.

Advantages natural gas energy

Natural gas is one of the safest fuels

Stringent safety standards govern the exploration, production, transportation, distribution and use of natural gas. North America’s continental natural pipeline system is the safest mode of energy transportation in the world today.

Natural gas is multipurpose

Natural gas is multipurpose. It can be used for almost anything that needs energy. For example, it may be for heating your food, or house or anything.

Advantages natural gas energy

Natural gas is economical

Natural gas running appliances need only little or no maintenance. This implies that we can save our money that is meant for servicing.

less solid waste generation

The use of natural gas for generating solid waste produces no solid waste.

Other Advantages natural gas energy

·        Natural gas can be used to produce electricity by producing low amount of pollutants so it can be used as a backup generation for renewable technologies such as wind.

·        Most of the homes in United States use natural gas for heating purposes.

·         It can be used for the production of various products like paper, fertilizer, brick, photo film, and sometimes even medicine.

Natural gas can be used to produce ice for skating rinks by chilling the glycol.

Advantages natural gas energy

·        Many people all around the world are employed because of natural gas energy.

·        Currently, there are plenty of natural gas available. Experts state that the natural gas would last for another 200 to 250 years, at the current rate of utilization.

·        We can produce ammonia using the help of the natural gas by Haber process.

We can produce hydrogen by using the hydrogen reformer method, which uses the natural gas.

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