Natural Gas Energy

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Natural Gas Energy

Natural gas is also a fossil fuel like oil. And it is also a non-renewable energy similar to oil energy because it can’t be replaced in human time-frame. It is formed when plants and animals, which store the solar energy in them, gets buried inside the earth and due to heat and pressure applied over a span of 1000 years.

Gas is normally called as natural gas because it contains hydrocarbons, which are naturally occurring chemicals. It is colorless and mainly consists of methane, which is the primary hydrocarbon.

Natural gas is a mixture of hydrocarbon gas. Its main constituent is methane of the alkane family. It also consists of various other higher order alkanes such as ethane, butane and others in varying proportions. It might also consist of small quantities of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and hydrogen sulphide. Natural gas is a flexible fuel. It emits very less carbon dioxide when compared to coal.

There are two main types of natural gas

Conventional gas:

They are easily obtained using well-drilling techniques because they are easily available in the reservoirs.

Unconventional gas:

They are the natural gas that are found in other places than in reservoirs.

Types of Unconventional gas energy

They can be categorized into two types:

  • Coal seam gas (CSG): found in coal deposits.

  • Shale gas: found in shale rock deposits.

Natural Gas Energy

Natural gas currently meets about one-fourth of North America’s energy needs. And we have the capacity to serve even greater demand as natural gas is increasingly called upon as a clean alternative for power generation and transportation.

Natural gas can be easily transported via various pipelines. There are some facts stating that “If all the natural gas pipelines in the U.S. were connected to each other they would stretch to and from the moon almost three times.”

Natural gas energy has various uses

  • It is primarily used for domestic purpose, mainly for cooking.

  • It is used for heating, and electricity generation.

  • In some places it is also used as an automobile fuel.

  • And it is also used in some industries, mostly the plastic manufacturing industries.

Natural Gas Energy

Natural gas is extracted from the earth by blind extraction and well drilling.

In blind extraction, the geological exploration is done and the depth at which the natural gas is located is found out. The natural gas are found at the fine pores of various rocks that are below the ground and the depth varies from 1000 meters to several kilometers.

In well drilling, there are specially built wells called the producing or operating wells that are used for extracting the natural gas.

Other types of Gas energy