Uses natural gas energy

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Uses natural gas energy

Most of the energy sources available today are used mainly for domestic, automobile and electricity production purposes. Natural gas energy is no exception. Some of the uses of natural gas energy is listed below:

Uses natural gas energy : Domestic usage

The natural gas energy is the most used energy source for domestic purposes. The various domestic activities include cooking, heating water, heating the room in areas where the temperature is too low (central heating), gas-heated clothes dryers. They are used in furnaces, barbecues, fireplace logs, pools and spa heaters. In most of the developed nations it is supplied directly to homes through pipes. A fact states that “There are more than 2 million miles of underground pipeline present in U.S. alone. If all the natural gas pipelines in the U.S. were connected to each other they would stretch to and from the moon almost three times.” In most of the other nations, it is supplied via a gas cylinder. LPG and CNG are the two varieties of gases, which can be used for domestic purposes. Where, LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas and CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas.

Uses natural gas energy :Automobile usage

Natural gas is nowadays used in many automobiles from small vehicles like cars, auto-rickshaws to heavy-duty service vehicles like trucks and buses. Natural gas buses are popular in Canada and in some European countries. Currently most of the vehicles running on natural gas, have the dual fuel mode option. Where the owner can switch between natural gas and petrol based on the fuel availability. A Russian company named Tupolev is working on designing an aircraft that would be able to run on a mixture containing natural gas and hydrogen. Many have changed to natural gas energy from petrol because natural gas is abundant, it can be used for more than 100 years and it is one of the safest fuel available right now.

Uses natural gas energy : Industrial usage

Natural gas energy is used for producing electricity. It is used for heating the water and convert it into steam and use it for rotating the turbine and hence producing electricity. It is used in many industries, but mostly it is used in plastic manufacturing industries. Some other industries that use natural gas energy are industries that produce anti-freeze, food-processing industries, waste treatment plants, petroleum refining industries. There can be sub-products that can be derived from the natural gas. These sub-products have various other uses. Many U.S. plastic manufacturers have increased their production in plastic because of the reduction of price in natural gas after the 2008 recession.

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