Light Energy Pictures

Light energy is the only visible form of energy. Lots of things about light energy with corresponding pictures are discussed here. To get detailed information on light energy, dig this page. Click here to know more about light energy.

Light Energy Pictures

“Lots of things about light energy with corresponding pictures are discussed here”

Light is a form of energy which our sense of sight can detect. It is made of electro-magnetic radiation and travels in a straight path. In everyday we use the word “light” for at least 10 times a day!! Have you ever think about the energy we get from the light. Light is all around us. It has the ability to tan or burn our skins, it can be harnessed to melt metals, or heat our food. Light energy posed a huge challenge for scientist up to the 1950′s.

Source of Light Energy Pictures

Sun: It is the natural source and is considered as the oldest source of light energy. Sunlight is an essential source for many natural processes such as water cycle, photosynthesis, sterilization, sanitation etc. The energy on the sun is generated because of hydrogen fusion. The light from the sun reaches planets and other bodies which includes earth. Sun

Electric bulbs: They are an important artificial source of light. When an electric current flows through metallic filament tungsten present inside the bulb, it glows due to resistance. The filament gets heated up and emits light. Bulb

Flame: On burning a fuel, it will produce a flame which emits light. This is used in earlier days during nights for vision before the invention of the electric bulb. Examples are lanterns. lanterns

Explosions: During the explosion of a powerful bomb, heat is generated along with the emission of light. While testing atomic bombs, the whole area will be illuminated with intense light. Explosion