Sound Energy Experiments for kids

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Sound Energy Experiments for kids

Sound vibrations through drum

Sprinkle rice over a drum and then strike the drum, you can see that the rice will jiggle due to the vibrations produced by the drum when we strike it.

Voice vibrations : Sound Energy Experiments for kids

While you are talking just place your fingers over your throat , you will sense the vibrations of your voice.

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A group of children can sit in a circle ,then one can stand at the back and talk. All can hear the voice of the one who spoke and also can identify that from which direction the sound came.

The vibrations produced by your voice travels through the air then reaches all others ears(solid) and vibrate their ear drums(solid).Thus we can say that sound doesn’t just travel through air, but also through solids.

Then, one can also stand outside the classroom such that other students in  the class cannot see him/her. When any of the students inside the class calls his/her name the one standing outside the classroom can go inside the class.Thus we can understand that sound travels through both air and solids.

Lets check our hearing

  • Children can stand in a circle and one among them should be blindfolded to stand in the middle of the circle.

  • Each child can take turns to make some gentle noises like calling them quietly,  tap your feet,tender claps,gentle click of your  finger knuckles.

  • On hearing those sound, the blindfolded child should point out from where was the sound coming.

  • Thus one’s hearing ability can be easily tested.

Lets hear the tick tock of a clock from distance

Things needed:

  • Two plastic funnels
  • 1-2 metres  long plastic tube such that the funnels ends can be easily inserted into the ends of the tube and An Analog clock

Push both the funnels on either ends of the tube

Place the watch about 2 metres away i.e you should be standing at one end of the tube with funnel inserted and similarly at the other end of the tube the analog clock should be kept.

Now you keep the funnel on your ears and you can hear the ticking of the clock.

Thus we know that how sound can travel in a particular channel, wired telephones uses the similar concept.

Sound Energy Experiments for kids

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