Sound Energy Games

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Sound Energy Games

The Plastic Cup Telephone:

Make a hole in bottom of the plastic cups at the centre, insert a string through those holes and tie a knot so that the sting doesn’t come off the cups.Hold one end of the cup and talk into it and ask your friend to place the other end of the cup on his/her ear. The message given by you at one will reach your friend in the other end. Thus sound vibrations travels through the string and reaches the receiver in the other end.

Make a stethoscope - Sound Energy Games

Take three bottle caps. Put a hole in the centre of those bottle caps and tie all three bottle caps using a string make it like a stethoscope and check the heartbeat of your friend using the stethoscope you made.

Make a yoghurt pot telephone - Sound Energy Games

Typical yoghurt pot and string could be also similarly used like plastic cup telephone game, here the strings are connected to the yoghurt pots and one can talk over it and understand the vibrations of sound over the string.

Measuring the speed of sound - Sound Energy Games

To measure the speed of sound we need stopwatch, tape measure (500 metres) and two large stones.

One person should stand at one end of the 500 metres with a large stone in both the hands and the other person should stand at the opposite end with a stopwatch.When a signal is given to the one having stones in hand the person bangs the stones together as hard as possible.  The person with the stopwatch starts the timer when the stones are hit together, and stops it when the sound is heard to the person by the watch.  The time should be recorded to the nearest tenth of a second.  This experiment should be repeated to get an average time.

Speed of sound= distance / time(that is distance divide by time)

Thus speed of sound is calculated

Music in glass - Sound Energy Games

Glasses are filled with varying amounts of water. When the glass is struck by a spoon, the water and the glass began to vibrate simultaneously.Eventually, these air vibrations reach us as sound. As water is added to the glass, the amount of original vibrations are increased. Thus music is created in water filled glass

Popping Bubbles - Sound Energy Games

By  opening a can of soda pop or by dropping an alka-seltzer into a glass of water sound is formed by the bursting bubbles of carbon dioxide from the soda pop or the Alka Seltzer tablet. The bursting bubbles create waves in the liquid, which reach the top of a can or glass container.

As soon as we bring the soda can/ glass container to the ear we hear better sound.

The Soundless Bell - Sound Energy Games

Sound travels only when there is some medium like air, solids or liquids through which the sound can pass through and be heard by the recipient.

Sound cannot be heard in vacuum, hang a small in the airless jar from the top but don’t hang it too low  from the top center of the jar probably from the lid now slightly tilt the jar such that it does not hit the walls of the jar. You can see that the bell is ringing but it can’t be heard out.

Thus we can know that the sound cannot be heard without being in a medium.

Sound Energy Games

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