Sound Energy Uses

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Sound Energy Uses

“Sound Energy is used in many industries like medical industries,Science,War fields, shipping industries.”

Sound Energy Uses in Medical Field:

Sound waves are used when performing ultrasound treatment, which is mainly used to cure major cancers and tumors these ultrasound waves cures the tumor cells of the cancer patient without any feel of physical pain. Ultrasound tests are also used on pregnant women to detect many structural and functional abnormalities in a foetus. Ultrasound may also aid in the detection of heart disease, tumors, gallstones, and other disorders.

Sound Energy Uses in Industry

An Ultrasound sound waves are used to detect flaws or cuts over machinery parts in Industries.Ultrasound is also used in Industries to measure thickness of metal or plastic pipes.

Sound Energy Uses in Shipping Industry

SONAR SOund Navigation And Ranging.Sonar devices are used mainly to locate fishes, enemy ships, submarines and underwater obstacles through the use of ultrasound. It is also used in exploring minerals and petroleum,oil bearing rock formations under the water.

Sound Energy Uses in Music Industry

One way to use sound in music industry is through music. Music is based on sound waves which are used in instruments and amplifiers, here a large amount of sound energy is produced and being used.

Its been proved that a particular music forms are used in healing the body like music from tibetan bowls can remove stress and body pain.

Sound Energy Uses in Animals Use Sound Energy

Many animals use sound energy for communicating within themselves,for examples bats don’t have eyesight so they produce and make use of ultrasonic waves to find the obstacles in their paths. Similarly communication is elephants is also through ultrasonic waves.

Sound Energy Uses in Science

Scientists have invented whistles and other devices that produce ultrasound. An ultrasonic transducer converts electric energy into ultrasonic waves. These waves can also be converted into electric energy by transducers. One way to use the sound wave in science is a sonar wave. A sonar wave uses a sound wave to see how far or deep something is. This is mainly used for underwater research.

Today’s Use of Sound Technology

  • Cellular Telephone
  • Motion Picture
  • Telephone
  • C.D.’s Televisions
  • Phonographs
  • Electronics
  • Hearing Aids
  • Video Tape Recorders
  • Video Cameras
  • Speakers
  • Stethoscopes
  • Microphone

Sound Energy Uses

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