Sun Energy Facts

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Sun Energy Facts

You all were excited when you knew that sun could produce energy . Isn’t it? Now, its time to get little more excited because, here i will share some interesting facts about the sun energy champs!

Sun Energy Facts : 1 - 4

  • Solar energy is not found in the latest century. It was found in the early 700 BC that is nearly 2700 years ago.

  • They were used by our ancestors, to produce heat or fire by using the glass lenses and making the sun rays fall on them barely.

  • When the distilled water is poured on the lens of any glass and if the paper is placed under this set up, it would catch fire when showed under sun rays.

  • space missions are using only this solar energy for energising the space ships since the late 1950’s.

Sun Energy Facts : 5 - 7

  • The galaxy in which solar system is located, is the top most 5% of the stars in the milky way galaxy identified. Aren’t we lucky?  

  • Even though the sun is located many thousands of miles apart, the sunlight takes less than ten minutes to reach earth. Oh my god! Just think about it.How fast it travels just to reach us all !

  • The total number of fossil fuels used by humans since civilization is equivalent to that of the sun shine for less than thirty days.

Sun Energy Facts : 8 - 11

  • The largest solar power plant is in Mojave desert, USA.

  • solar panels when converting energy do not pollute the environment by emitting carbon monoxide.

  • solar lights which are used by solar panel help, are immune to the blackouts.

  • solar lights works at night

Sun Energy Facts : 12 - 14

  • solar energy is responsible for the weather patterns

  • sun energy is an important factor for the ocean currents.

  • About two billion people in the earth are currently without electricity, which means they could use solar energy effectively.

Sun Energy Facts : 15 - 18

  • In US, a world record was set , by making an aircraft to fly upto 4060 kilometers high, just with solar energy without usage of fuel.

  • solar energy is measured in kilowatt per hour.

  • solar energy is considered as the best energies among other traditional forms of energy

  • More than ten thousand homes in US are powered entirely by Solar energy

Sun Energy Facts : 19 - 22

  • Albert Einstein was awarded with nobel prize in 1921, for his experiments on solar power.

  • sun energy is the purest form of energy

  • collision of hydrogen atoms forming helium atoms produces energy in sun.

  • Solar energy can be stored in batteries

Sun Energy Facts : 23 - 25

  • solar panels appeared in the market for sale in 1956

  • Sun energy is of very low maintenance.

  • Greeks and romans were the first to design the solar panels and use it.

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