Sun Energy Group

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Sun Energy Group

Hi friends! So you all are eager to know about the group of solar energy now? Tired of searching what group does it belong to? Never mind! We are  here to help you always kiddies.One of the major requirement in the world was, is and will be energy forever and ever.From the evolution of the living organisms, this energy requirement is one of the most important factors for all of us to live our life without any problems. But,  it has been many years since revolution and we have passed many centuries across to attain this style of living with advancement in technologies. During the period of ancestors also we required the heat energy or fire energy, and now also we require it. To be more clear, now we require it more because our expectations are high when compared with our forefathers and also the other reason is increase in population.

Sun Energy Group

So , now we humans are in the critical situation to full fill our needs with the help of this energy, particularly with such a large population. Since we are using the coal, fossil fuels for much time now we lag behind in those resources.  So, its time for  a change. But change in what terms? Changes should be made in terms of usage of energy and making an alternate method for acquiring the energy so that our future generations also need to get the coal and fossil fuels which we now use in abundance.

What is Unclean energy group?

The energy which we use at present days is categorised as UNCLEAN ENERGY GROUP. These unclean energy group indicates that the energy which are categorised under them are actually polluting the environment and the living beings present surrounding it in one or the other way. So, as a result, now our mother Earth is polluted more than we could imagine. Because of this Unclean energy groups, the layers in the atmosphere are also affected.

For example, Ozone layer. We all know about ozone layer. Ozone layer is the protective layer in the atmosphere , which absorbs the UV rays and filters the harmful radiations from sun and send in only non harmful rays to the earth. But due to the harmful carbon monoxide emissions and Chloro Fluoro Carbons from the refrigerator and air conditioners, the ozone layer is now damaged completely. So, we need to shift to the CLEAN ENERGY GROUP from the unclean energy group.

What is Clean Energy Group?

Clean Energy Groups are nothing but the best energy groups, which will not create any harmness to the environment surrounding it. Also the clean energies are mostly , renewable form of energies. During the production of these clean energy , no pollution is created and also the natural resources like fossil fuels are not depleted, which are non renewable. So, it is sure that our generation is heading towards the renewable source of energy or clean energy groups, which creates a  positive impact on the society, making this earth a better place  to live in. So, now you would have understood what kind does solar energy belong to? Yes,

It belongs to the clean energy group and also available easily.

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