Sun Energy Output

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Sun Energy Output

Every day the sun generates about 3.94 X 10 23 kW. The energy radiated takes about 8 minutes to cover the 93 million miles to earth. The total energy which reaches the earth surface is about 80,000 X 10 12 W which is 10,000 times the current global energy demand.

The output of sun is heat and it reflects to us in the form of rays. Isn’t it? But you all have something more to know about, that will make you feel surprised and understand how efficient the sun actually is! Sun is actually a star which contains three part of hydrogen in its nature size and the remaining one art is filled with helium. Hydrogen is the main reason behind the heat that is produced by the sun . How? you all know that well and am not going to bore you with detailed explanation. So, i make it simple. Collision of Hydrogen atoms, forms into helium and during this collision a very high amount of heat is produced. Are you clear about it now? Now, proceeding further, a practical thought- When the sun makes you feel more hot than the normal way how it used to be, then it means that many number of collisions are taking place in the sun , that is, process  of conversion of hydrogen as helium.

Well, now moving on to the output of sun energy, first we need to analyse whether we get all the rays emitted by the sun on our earth and other planets?

No, We do not obtain entire sun rays that the sun emits per second. We get only a little part of it. Just Imagine about it. We couldn’t bare this heat of the sun, how it would be then, if we get the entire part of it? We humans and other organisms would not be able to survive. Sun was formed nearly 4.5 billion of years ago. And its  mass is about, 330 million times of that of Earth. There are three layers in the sun. Core(innermost),  then comes the radioactive zone(second) and finally the convective zone(final layer). As the distance increases from the sun, the effect of heat is also reduced. That is why, mars and venus are hotter than our planet Earth and Jupiter and Neptune are colder than us.

With the help of the sun energy we also generate the solar power. But have you ever known how much energy we would be able to generate with the help of the sun per second? Its 3.846 x 10^26 watts. Yes. Doesn’t that sound a large number comparing to the watts generated artificially by us? When we get something naturally, why opt for artificial ways and also pollute the earth children? But it is estimated that for the past 100 years the , the solar rays have increased considerably which shows that more energy could be obtained day by day. Thus with the sun energy output, which is in the form of heat energy we can gain energy naturally with one time investment method and enjoy a balanced eco friendly life on earth.