Sun Energy Solutions

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Sun Energy Solutions

Sun energy solutions provide the following products and services.

Solar Water Heater:

Solar water heater It is the most competitive alternative to conventional water heating methods which we use like electric geysers and fuel-fed boilers. Inner storage cylinder is made up of non-magnetic steel while the outer casing is made of whether-proof durable aluminium powder-coated stainless steel. It is light in weight and is environment friendly. In the market, it is available with complete roof mounted hot water system where the tank and the collector are mounted as one unit. It can be used in apartments, row houses, railway compartments, hotels, hospitals, resorts, canteens, hostels, military camps. It is easily movable and installation is easy.

Solar Lighting System:

Solar street light It consists of a solar panel, rechargable battery, light, controller, and pole. They are powered by photovoltaic panels which are mounted on the lighting structure. In general, photovoltaic panels charge a rechargable battery present which then powers a LED or fluorescent lamp during nights. It works with a principle that when a sun’s light falls on the photovoltaic panels, solar electric array generates electricity. A solar pump is designed for the utilization of direct current from array efficiently even when there is variation in energy production. It runs by the sensor and hence it can turn on and off. It is designed in such a way to work during nights alone. It is suitable for installation in parking lots, remote areas, societies etc. since thay are easy to maintain with low cost and pollution free.

Solar Water Pumps:

Solar water pump Solar water pump consists of a pump, controller and solar panels. It is eco-friendly and does not require electricity to operate it. The main features are: it is highly efficient, designed simply and have options for auto and manual tracking, low maintenance, and simple installation. They are easy to maintain and operate. These solar pumps are eco-friendly and have a long life. It can be used in agriculture for water supply, livestock watering, micro-irrigation, village water supply, recreational and for residential purposes.

Solar PV Modals:

Solar pv modals Solar photovoltaic (PV) will obtain the sun’s energy with the help of photovoltaic cells. They can generate some electricity on a cloudy day also and these cells do not need direct sunlight to work. These cells convert the sunlight into electricity and are used to run the household appliances and lighting.

Sun energy solutions is nothing but the solutions that are provided by or provided through the sun energy. To be more detailed, when a problem occurs , we naturally tend to find a solution either permanently or temporarily to solve the problem. Similarly, sun energy is used to solve a wide range of problems in terms of energy and also has been proven as an effective method and so, it might be adopted as the permanent solution also when required by us.

Solar Net Metering:

Solar net metering