Sun Energy Products

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Sun Energy Products

Solar energy being a non renewable energy, the variety of products have been produced with this particular kind of energy and also available for domestic use. Many parts of the world uses solar energy as the best form of energy to gain the required energy. Even though , initially the investment for the solar panel may be high, the results it yields are unmatchable with other energy forms. To list a few , solar cooker or oven, solar heater, solar inverter, solar air conditioning, solar lamps, solar bus, solar radio, solar powered calculator, solar dryer, solar fan etc.

Let us  see a few solar products in detail now, with its basic operations.

Sun Energy Products : Solar cooker or oven

We all love food,some spicy,few slaty,many candy, and other few bittery and many more tates to add on. In the growing economy , it is hard to get the Liquified Petroleum Gas(LPG) for cooking and for people with poverty , LPG becomes a dream because of it’s high cost. Even if we use this LPG,is it possible to use it all our generations? Its not even sure whether the forthcoming generations would be aware of all these things and would wonder if they existed. These solar ovens acts as an substitute for these traditional LPG cylinders for cooking and induction stove that operates on electricity.

Sun Energy Products : Solar cooker or oven (cont)

But How does it work? Initially the sun rays are concentrated at one point through the help of the reflective glasses or metal sheets and this point is known as cooking area. Now the sunlight in the concentrated area is converted to heat energy by the mechanism of the solar panel and then the plastic bags covering it, helps to maintain the heat temperature , thus making the solar oven a successful one.

Sun Energy Products : The solar fan

We all would possibly die without any air conditioners or at least fans during summer season. But what if there is a power failure? What if your inverter doesn’t have any charge? There comes the usage of solar fans , which is costlier in installation stage but it is eco friendly and is expected to reduce the cost of Air conditioner’s operational cost by thirty percent. There are two kinds of solar fans: Solar powered attic fans and gable fans. The both functions in the same way whereas the later is more efficient than the former one. So why use the air conditioners that releases the gases that damages the environment? Try using eco friendly products such as solar and start having fun.

Sun Energy Products : The solar fan(Cont)

Apart from these, the other widely used solar products are solar heater, solar calculators,solar dryer,solar lamps etc . Solar panels can cause a greater positive impact in the environment, while many of the parts of world is still in the darkness and do not know how to use the technology in an efficient way. And apart from all these, the measurable advantage of solar products are that “They can be easily maintained and are also movable, so that they can be shifted from one place to other very easily when required”.

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