Sun Energy Solutions

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Sun Energy Solutions

Sun energy solutions is nothing but the solutions that are provided by or provided through the sun energy. To be more detailed, when a problem occurs , we naturally tend to find a solution either permanently or temporarily to solve the problem. Similarly, sun energy is used to solve a wide range of problems in terms of energy and also has been proven as an effective method and so, it might be adopted as the permanent solution also when required by us.

What is the present scenario?

In the present day scenario, we humans depend on the coal for energy production. But coal is a non renewable source of energy , which means it will be unavailable for us , on earth after few years or days based on  how efficiently we use coal. Adding to this, the energy produced by means of coal , pollutes the environment also, with the emission of carbon monoxide. The place to live in is becoming toxified day by day due to these hazardous gas emissions. So, we need to start adopting the new techniques which will be not only useful for us but also, makes the environment clean. So the product developed should be mainly eco friendly, that is, not creating any harm to the environment.

What changes can be done?

Firstly, we have to concentrate on developing an eco friendly product that creates energy at the affordable cost . The answer for all these requirements would be, “sun ENERGY” and they can be developed with great efficiency and storage units to store the energy and they could provide energy whenever needed, irrespective of the climate. An estimation fact reveals that, there are still 3000 million people in this world without electricity. So this sun energy could be used at these remote areas and also can be worked efficiently. Though the cost of manufacturing it is high, one time investment policy makes it easier to adopt and also it needs less maintenance .

What are the solutions provided currently?

The solutions provided currently with the help of this sun energy is mainly , ELECTRICITY. Electricity is one of the important factors required in the earth for humans. For the sun energy production, the sun panels are constructed at first. And then the storage units are set up for storing the energy in them, so that they can be used later. The sun panel setup consists of the photovoltaic cells, which are responsible for obtaining rays from the sun and converting them into the required form of energy. Photovoltaic cells are mainly made of silicon cells and when sun rays falls on them, they get excited thus producing energy. Then with the appropriate converters the light energy is converted into electrical energy and stored in the batteries setup along with them.

Apart from these electricity purposes, the sun energy is also used to provide energy for space ships from early 1950’s. Thus with the sun energy one could fulfil their complete needs comprising electricity and also other uses like sun cooker etc.

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