Define electric energy

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Define Electric Energy

A simple and a basic definition of electric energy can be defines as “Energy created by the movement of electric charges”

Electric energy is simple energy produced from the flow of electrons in an electrical conductor.

Electric energy can be defined by the following ways.

  • Electric energy is nothing but it is an energy supplied by electricity.
  • Electric energy can be generated, transmitted and can also be stored.
  • The energy stored in electric field is also called as electric energy.

All elements in the world are made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of protons and neutrons in the nucleus and electrons orbiting the nucleus.

  • Protons have a charge of (+1)
  • Neutrons have a charge of 0
  • Electrons have a charge of (-1.)

Some atoms have more protons than electrons and can be described as positively charged, whilst others have more electrons than protons and can be described as negatively charged.

When a cluster of atoms end up being close together, the electrons repel each other and ‘jump’ from one atom to another. They jump along the whole conductor and this movement of electrons is called electric energy.

Three types of charges

As it is said before, Electric energy is an energy created by the movement of electric charges. Basically three types of charges are available,

  • Positive electric charges defined as protons.
  • Negative electric charges defined as electrons.
  • Neural charges i.e. neither positive electric charges nor negative electric charges defined as neutrons.  

When two electric charges or two electric charged objects are brought together a force is experienced and the force can be a attractive force or an repulsive force. If like electric charges (either positive electric charge (protons) or both negative electric charge (neutrons) ) are brought together a repulsive force is produced and if  unlike charges (positive electric charge(protons) and negative electric charge(neutrons) ) are brought together an attractive force is produced.

This attractive or repulsive force is called electromagnetic force. This electromagnetic force make the electric charges to flow and cause electric energy.

All matter in universe is made up of atoms. And each atom has a specific number of protons, electrons and neutrons. For example consider carbon, it is an atom. It has 6 protons and 6 neutrons. Carbon is found in abundance in universe, even in a pencil we can see carbon.

In some cases atoms have loosely bound electrons and these electrons can able to move from one atom to another. When that positive electric charge that is electrons travel from one atom to another, electric energy is produced.