Hydro Electric Energy

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Hydro Electric Energy

Hydroelectric energy is simply electricity produced from hydropower. Hydropower is concerned with converting falling water into electric energy. A dam is built to raise the water level of rivers and so falling water is created. A dam also allows us to control the flow of water and the reservoir contains stored water.

A turbine is propelled by the force of the falling water causing its blades to spin.

A generator is connected to the turbines which spins as the turbine spins and produces electrical energy. The powerhouse then carries the electricity across power lines through which it reaches our homes.

Different types of energy

  • The conversion of energy produced by the running water into electric energy is called hydro electric energy.
  • Hydro electric energy is one of the widest available renewable energy.

Hydro electric energy for kids

  • Energy that is generated by the moving water is called hydro electric energy.
  • When water moves at high speed, it can able to rotate turbine blades, if the turbine blades are rotated electricity can be generated.

People have used water power for more than 2,000 years. Ancient Egyptians used water wheels for grinding grain. In the 1880s, scientists learned how to use a flowing river to spin the turbines of a generator. The first hydro electric power plant in the U.S. opened on the Fox River , Wisconsin, in 1882.

The thing is Thomas Alva Edison unveiled the incandescent light lamp only in 1884. But hydro electric energy has its origin in 1882 itself .

  • Water is the source of hydro electric energy

It is a well known fact that about one by third part of earth is filled with water. So it is not hard to find water.

Example for hydro electric energy

Hydro electric energy can be easily explained with a simple example .Consider a dam which is used to trap water. The dam is much thicker at the bottom because the pressure of water increases in depth. Now the water is allowed to flow through the tunnels in the dam. Because of the great height of the water, it will arrive at the turbines at high pressure, which means that we can extract a great deal of energy from it.

Benefits of hydro electric energy

  • Hydro electric energy is a renewable energy source.
  • Hydro electric energy makes it feasible to utilize other renewable sources.
  • Hydro electric energy  promotes guaranteed energy and price stability.
  • Hydro electric energy contributes to the storage of drinking water.
  • Hydro electric energy increases the stability and reliability of electricity systems.
  • Hydro electric energy helps fight climate changes.
  • Hydro electric energy improves the air we breathe
  • Hydro electric energy offers a significant contribution to development.
  • Hydro electric energy means clean and cheap energy for today and for tomorrow.
  • Hydro electric energy is a fundamental instrument for sustainable development.

Interesting facts of hydro electric energy

  • In 2006, 20%  of world’s electricity is supplied by hydro electric energy
  • Hydro electric energy is produced in 150 countries
  • Large amount of hydro electric energy is produced in China

Future of hydro electric energy

As we are running out of the fossil fuels we are in need to move for renewable energy. As it is said before hydro electric energy is the most  widely available renewable energy, hydro electric power can be able give a promising future.