Nowadays life without electric energy has become impossible. We use electric energy in every part of life. A good example for the use of electric energy in our life is Mobile phones. Can you move a single day without mobile phone? We need electric energy even to charge our mobile phone.

As long as the electric energy  is available, no one thinks much about it. The importance is realized when the power goes out. Whether it’s during the day or at night, electric energy  keeps our lives in order.



Where is electric energy used

It affects our business, our schedule and even our entertainment. Electric energy plays such an important role in our day to day life. Electric energy plays its role in various areas. Some of them are listed below,

  • Electric energy is used in industries

  • Electric energy is used for residential proposes

  • Electric energy is used in transport field

  • Electric energy is used for agriculture purposes

  • Electric energy is used for commercial purposes

  • Electric energy plays an important role in medical field


Use of Electric energy in industries


  • Even for a small scale business we badly need electric energy.

  • Machines installed in industries cannot run without electric energy.

  • About 26.2% of total electric energy is used for industrial purposes.

  • In the absence of electric energy, the production of industries gets reduced.


Use of electric energy for Residential purposes

  • About 80% of our house holds items needs electric energy.

  • In this modern and fast world, we are greatly depend on washing machines, air conditioner, microwave oven, computers etc.,

  • The above mentioned items make use of electric energy to operate.

  • We can’t even light our homes without the use of electric energy.

  • About 38.2% of total electric energy is used for residential purposes.

Use of electric energy in transport


  • About 0.2 % of total energy is used in transport field.

  • Electric energy is used even in our car batteries.


Uses of Electric energy in agriculture purposes


  • In this modern world, even agriculture become easier by the use of electric energy.

  • Computers have increasingly been employed to aid in farm management and to directly control automated equipment. And we can run computer without electric energy.

  • The electric engineer and farmer have combined to develop electrically powered equipment for crop conservation.

  •  Electric motors were used to drive barn machinery, chaff cutters and root cutters, cattle cake and grain crushers, and water pumps.

  • Electric energy ease of operation and low maintenance showed savings in time and labour.


Use of Electric energy in medical field


  • Do u know the mother of medicine? It is Electric energy. Yes electric energy is the mother of medicine.

  • Electric energy is used in each and every stage of medical treatment.

  • Various types of electric energy is used in treatments.

  • Because of the use of electric energy , new technology are being invented and now saving a life has become a simple one.


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