Electric Energy conversion

We people might be familiar with the term �electric energy�. Do u know why electric energy is converted and how electric energy is converted??? You are just one step away from the answer. Click here to know more

Electric Energy conversion

“Electric Energy = Light Energy + Heat Energy”

Generally we use electric energy to do some work. For example just go through the picture 1,the picture tells about the electric bulb. Electric bulb is a device that works on electric energy. As we all know when electric energy is given to the electric bulb, the bulb glows.

Here the input energy is the electrical energy and the output energy is the light energy and the heat energy. This is how electric energy conversion takes place.

Electric Energy  ——- > Light Energy + Heat Energy

We are using different types of energy apart from electric energy. Some of them are mentioned below,

  • Light energy
  • Heat energy
  • Mechanical energy
  • Sound energy

In every work is done, energy conversion takes place, i.e. one type of energy gets converted to other type of energy. So electric energy conversion is nothing but conversion of one form of energy to another form of energy.

Conversion of Electric energy to light energy:

  • Electric energy is generally used to perform some work
  • Different kinds of work are being done everyday everywhere. In doing such work electric energy conversion takes place
  • For example consider a flashlight. What we need to operate a flash light?? Can u use flash light without batteries?? You can’t!! Yes here battery is the electric energy and when u switch on the flash light we get light i.e. light energy. So what happened is the electric energy from battery gets converted into light energy as glowing of flash light. And the work done is the flashing of light energy.
  • Not only in flash lights in all the lightning systems , electric energy gets converted to electric energy. In case of electric bulb, electric energy gets converted to both heat energy and light energy.

Conversion of electric energy to heat energy:

Now what comes to your mind when you hear the word “HEAT”. Hmmm let me guess!!! Iron box or water heater or hair dryers!!!! Whatever it may be, in all those things electric energy conversion takes place i.e. electric energy gets converted to heat energy

  • Iron box is of no use if we don’t plug it in. Once it is plugged in it receives electric energy and it converts the electric energy to heat energy. Here is where electric energy conversion takes place.

Conversion of electric energy to mechanical energy

Have you ever wondered how electric motor works???? The answer is with the help of electric energy. The work of electric motor is to convert input electric energy into a mechanical energy.

Conversion of electric energy to heat energy:

Now just think of an electric alarm. Switch it on when power is not available. Will it work?? It won’t because it needs electric energy. Electric alarm is a device that converts electric energy into sound energy.


Electric energy conversion takes place when work is done.

All the input electric energy is not converted into other form of energy. Some of the input electric energy gets wasted.

Other types of Electric energy