General Electric Energy

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General Electric Energy

“The flow of electrons is called electricity”

In general speaking electricity is nothing but a form of energy. The flow of electrons is called electricity.

Just imagine a world without elelectric energy. Is it possible to lead a comfortable life without electric energy??!! Definitely not possible!!! Because in each and every part of life we need electric energy. Yes, in all kind of industries we need electric energy

Electric energy can be defined by the following ways.

  • Electric energy is nothing but it is an energy supplied by electricity.
  • Electric energy can be generated, transmitted and can also be stored.
  • The energy stored in electric field is also called as electric energy.

The energy carried by moving electrons in an electronic conductor is called electric energy. We can’t see electric energy but it is one of the useful forms of energy. Electric energy is existed in nature too; the best example for its existence in nature is LIGHTNING.

Two types of electric charges are available, positive charge, negative charge. When these two electric charges or these two electric charged objects are brought together a force is experienced and the force can be a attractive force or an repulsive force.

If like electric charges (either positive electric charge or both negative electric charge ) are brought together a repulsive force is produced and if unlike charges (positive electric charge and negative electric charge ) are brought together an attractive force is produced. This attractive or repulsive force is called electromagnetic force. This electromagnetic force make the electric charges to flow and cause electric energy.

Electric energy can be easily explained with an example. Consider lightning as an example for electric energy. As it is said before when two differently charged electric  particles brought together it experiences force. In atmosphere we have water particles, ice particles etc.

The water particles are positive electric charges and the ice particles are negative electric charges. And when these electric charges build up, electric charges become enormous and jump to the earth which we call as lightning.

We can not only use electric energy as it is but it can also be transferred and converted to various other forms of energy.

Electric energy can be produced by converting other energy sources like sun, coal, wind, water etc. Various other energy that is useful in production of electric energy is listed below,

  • Solar energy
  • Thermal energy
  • Rotational energy
  • Kinetic energy
  • Nuclear energy
  • Chemical energy

  • In case of Solar , heat energy from the sun is captured and converted into electric energy.
  • Thermal  is nothing but the heat energy. It can be obtained by burning the fossil fuel. Thus electric energy can be obtained by converting this heat produced by burning these fossil fuels.
  • Next we go for rotational . The best example for rotational energy is wind mills. The energy of spinning is used to produce electric energy.
  • It is the most powerful energy source i.e. nuclear energy. The energy stored in atoms or molecules when released are used to produce electric energy.
  • Releasing chemical energy from in carbon-based fuels generally requires combustion – for example the burning of coal, oil, natural gas, or a biomass such as wood.

Electric energy is considered to be superior to all other forms of energy because of its,

  • Convenient form
  • Easy control
  • Greater flexibility
  • Cheapness
  • Cleanliness
  • High transmission efficiency

Thus electric energy is playing an important role in all the sectors like agriculture, industries and the nations growth too depend on the electric energy.

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